Accountants Professional Liability Insurance

Gain protection and peace-of-mind for your practice

Tailor coverage to meet your specific needs and budget requirements

The cost of defending even a single professional liability lawsuit can be burdensome, even if you prevail. A judgment against you could have a devastating impact on your practice and, potentially, your personal finances. Protect yourself with this NSA-endorsed professional liability plan.

  • Broad definition of services covered, including audit, attestation, personal fiduciary, and investment advisory services.
  • Flexible liability limits, premium installment options, deductibles and endorsements allow for customized coverage that fits your practice. 
  • Coverage for staff members, predecessors and successors. 
  • Covers new exposures arising from ACA compliance.
  • Access to Travelers risk-management hotline, newsletter, and online resources.

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Endorsed by the National Society of Accountants

The Accountants Professional Liability Insurance Plan is endorsed by the National Society of Accountants and administered by Forrest T. Jones & Company, a national leader in association insurance programs for more than 50 years.