Accountants Professional Liability Insurance

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Choose the professional liability plan designed for small to mid-sized practices

Whether you’re a tax preparer, enrolled agent, bookkeeper or CPA, this state-of-the-art errors and omissions policy can be tailored to fit your practice and your budget with an array of specialized coverage options, liability limits, deductibles, and premium payment schedules. Unique plan features include:

  • Subpoena Response Assistance

    Covers expenses to retain an attorney to respond to a subpoena for documents, a deposition, or trial testimony.

  • Disciplinary Proceedings Coverage

    For expenses you incur as a result of a disciplinary action or regulatory proceeding.

  • Network and Information Security Coverage

    Provides protection for your firm’s liability to third parties for network or security breaches.

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Endorsed by the National Society of Accountants

The Accountants Professional Liability Insurance Plan is endorsed by the National Society of Accountants and administered by Forrest T. Jones & Company, a national leader in association insurance programs for more than 50 years.