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Group Health Plans

Group Health Plans

With health care benefit costs continuing to rise year-after-year by significant amounts, you need a broker who can identify areas of potential savings within your existing plan structure and bring new ideas to the table. FTJ can help on both accounts.

We have more than 40 years of experience working with school districts and other employers, helping them provide affordable health care benefits to their employees. In addition, we have a broad institutional knowledge of the insurance market that we can tap to find innovative solutions for your situation.

Among the services we offer:


As your broker of record, FTJ will help you write specifications for bidding your employees health benefits. We work with all major carriers.

FTJ is currently Program Manager for over 95 School Districts across the state of Missouri for their health benefit programs. FTJ's reputation will serve to get your district the best possible bid and assure your district the best possible renewal rate.

Plan Design

Flexibility is a key to satisfaction. Our regional directors work with your school district leaders to tailor program options to fit district employees. Options on deductibles, coinsurance, wellness benefits, Health Savings Accounts and others can be custom designed to fit employees' needs.


Since plan administrators know you're busy, FTJ can help you virtually eliminate the time and paperwork necessary to file a claim. By cutting down administrative costs, your insurance rates can reflect the savings. Of course, your personal insurance representative always will be available to answer questions and hold employee meetings to explain whatever health plan options you choose.

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